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Sometimes, perhaps once in every generation, a man comes along who is simply destined for greatness. It is ordained by the gods, written in the stars, mapped by forces beyond our mortal ken. This man is a force of nature; forged in fire, tempered by experience, and crafted to become the leader of men. He is a man for our time, a man for all times; a man, simply put, like no other.

When you meet him, tell him I said hello. In the meantime, let me introduce myself. My name is Richard, and I have absolutely no idea what I’m destined for. I used to think I knew, but it turns out that was just youthful optimism. Hey ho.

I consider myself a screenwriter, first and foremost, having spent my life worshipping at the altar of cinema. However, I am also currently involved in the creation of two novels. One is a purely solitary project; the other is a collaborative project with a published author. All that and, of course, this blog, which I hope you’re enjoying.

I’ve written eight screenplays; horror, romantic comedy and drama. Over the last few years I’ve touched success (albeit a rather light, teasing, touch) a couple of times. Two of my scripts were optioned before being dropped; one due to financial concerns, the other due to ‘creative differences’. A third is currently in the hands of a fairly well-known producer, and has been for an aeon.

I also won the Rocliffe writers forum contest at BAFTA in 2008, with a screenplay entitled Debunking Dad. I saw 10 minutes of my script performed by professional actors, after which I was the subject of a Q&A session with the audience. I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding nights of my life. So far (that’s a residue of that optimism I mentioned earlier).

My background is an artistic one, I studied Art and Design, and I design websites, specialising in simple sites for small businesses and first time authors. Check out my site at http://inspiredlambdesign.com if you want to know more.

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  1. rorydean on

    Hey Richard…that’s the beauty of the wordpress blogosphere, stumbling upon other sites of interest and the occasional indirect stumblings from other stumblings – caught your note on the moviebros blog. Will look around and extend the welcome for you to do the same – cheers

  2. Manikandan on

    Hi Richard glad to be your friend. This is Manikandan, author of MoviesCrunch blog. I saw your comments in my blog. I was happy and just wanna like to know about you and your stuff. Can we be friends and also share lot of things about Movies. Take care…Cheers 🙂

  3. Dan on

    Hey Richard, I didn’t realise you were a screenwriter. That’s great to hear you’ve had a couple of options even if the films didn’t get made. I wrote a couple of feature films a few years ago and nothing came of them. Started making my own short films and promo-ing them around various festivals, thinking that was the best way to get noticed. I must sit down and write another screenplay though.

    • Richard on

      It’s like waving your arms in a sea of people waving their arms too, and hoping someone will throw you the lifesaver. I did come very close, but there’s a lot of BS to navigate. I’ve kind of dropped the efforts lately, and really must start getting my stuff out there again.

      How did the festival efforts go for you?

      • Dan on

        …they really only allowed me to meet like-minded and similarly determined people starting out their careers as well. It was good for future collaborations and I made some contacts but as yet no one has requested to read my feature-length screenplays.

        I like the waving your arms in a sea of people doing the same analogy – spot on. That’s where you hope the passion doesn’t stop burning and keeps you motivated…at least that’s how I look at it.


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